Why Am I Even Doing This?

5 min readDec 2, 2020

I have always been me.

I’ve been a glam girl since I can recall time. I remember admiring the poise, grace, and beauty my mother possessed. I knew I wanted to be just like that when I grew up. She is the inspiration behind my love for the beauty industry. Her style is grand entrance, sexy but classy all in one. I have found I mirror that in my adult personal style too, cause it wasn’t always like that. Chillllleee, I’ve come a long way! I adored the glitz, the glamour, the extraness she brought into her looks, into everything. It shaped my view on what a woman is and the concept of femininity. I could NOT wait til she left the house so I could go in her room and raid her closet. I’d try on all her fur coats, her high heels, expensive dresses. She had a vanity full of perfumes that, at the time smelled bad to me, but I would still drown myself in them. I wasn’t slick about it either. I’d leave the evidence, she would see it and we would argue but it never changed. We laugh about it now though, but that piece of my childhood shaped and molded me into what I am today and who I am going to become.

As soon as I was able to legally get a job, at 15, I would spend my paychecks at the makeup store. I would sit in front of the mirror for hours upon hours, practicing all different types of looks. I’d be taking the right pictures, finding the right lighting, styling my hair for hours, that’s ALL I would do in my free time. This was before the Youtube beauty community was as big as it is now. I was figuring it out on my own + incorporating what family and friends taught me. It was a lot of trial and error, but I was determined, I LOVED it, It did not even feel like work to me I was excited enjoying the process. Even though I’m the one applying the makeup through it all, the end result is still a surprise every time. It’s fascinating actually.

I was 20 years old, and I was just out here. I wasn’t doing anything productive, I wasn’t going to school, I was working dead end jobs. One day I was on the phone with my mom, I’m telling her about something that was paying $11 an hour, thinking I was doing something. She goes, in her very stern motherly tone of voice “Lynora.” She never calls me Lynora, it’s always Nora that’s how I knew she was serious. “You’ve got to do something, all you do is sit around and party all day when are you going to grow up?” That was enough for me. I pondered on that question for a few moments. I was thinking of all my options. At that time I was visiting my dentist often, so the first thing that came to mind was I could go to a lil program and become a dental hygienist, make a comfortable living, you know do that for a while. Fortunately for me, that program wasn’t available until months later. I wanted to do something now. So, I inquired about the beauty school. Yeah! I could definitely do that, I already be doing my looks, why not?

The process of getting in was effortless, and I started a month later. My first day of cosmetology school our instructor asked us individually what we wanted to do with this education, what is our end goal? People said different things like owning a salon, being a celebrity hairstylist/make-up artist, but I was the only one who said I wanted to get into the business side of things. The only one. I said I want to have my own company selling makeup, hair care, skincare, clothing, accessories, shoes. I wanted to sell a lifestyle, I still do, and I am, and I will.

My experience with school, working with clients, and freelancing has been really rewarding to say the least. There is one story that sticks out the most. This woman booked an appointment with me, and looked to be in her late 30’s/early 40’s. She was a wife and is mother to 3. As I was doing her hair, we get to talking. We’re exchanging laughs and chit chat, we’re having a blast I loved talking with her, she was a great client. Then I’m putting the finishing touches on her style and she grew really quiet, I could tell something was really on her mind so naturally I ask her “Are you alright?” She replies “I’m sorry, it’s just that I finalized my divorce recently and I’m realizing that It’s been 5 years since I’ve gotten my hair done. I haven’t been able to do anything with myself.” She turns to the mirror and I could see tears about to form in her eyes “This is the first time in a long time I’ve actually felt really good about myself” and we definitely shared a moment. I say that, to say there’s absolutely no price, nothing comparable to the experience of giving someone that.

It is so fulfilling I’m able to express and create with others and myself, specific likes, interests, and complimentary colors that fit. When I was, before corona, working on clients I was given the trust and the freedom to create and accentuate their features from my own perspective. When you think about it, that’s major people trust you like that. There are some, actually a lot, I’ve worked with and they’ve had noooo prior knowledge, never experienced anything like this, ever. And they chose me. You connect to so many people and not 1 experience is the exact same. Using your creative talents to make others feel good is incredibly rewarding and makes me feel all wamy and fuzzy inside.

When you enter into this industry you are more than just a service provider. You’re a friend, an ear, an escape, a therapist, a sister, you’re there and you’re transforming and aiding into their more confident selves. And I get paid to do what I love, so this a dream for me.

Since Covid has hit I haven’t been doing much work with this. Until my dear marvelous friend, Brittini, may God please bless her whole life, messaged me very recently and explained she knows nothing about applying her own face and asked if I could teach her. Of course, I am DOWN. We settled a time, spent over an hour together on a facetime kickin it, hangin out, and getting glammed just like it would’ve been if we were in person. The whole experience ignited a massive lightbulb into my head and I was like “WOW WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN DOING THIS SOONER?!?!?!?!?!!?” *inserts confused meme*

So I got on it, I feel comfortable in knowing I can confidently do this. This feels like I’m taking that first step into my own entrepreneurialship (I know its not technically a real word but you get me). I feel aligned with this. It’s my first launch, my first online service, my first little baby I’m so happy. So happy. I’m excited to share and do this, strengthen my skills and others. The support yall continue to show me never goes unnoticed, and I appreciate every single thing, every single one of you. Let’s cheers to this road to success!




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